Doctoral training of doctoral candidates (DCs) will be based on three “pillars” (PLs), reflecting the professional and personal development of DCs. The training of DCs will be pursued in “horizontal” modules (HMs). A “horizontal” module is a large segment of the training programme where a particular training approach is realized. Each HM concerns all three PLs, but they are of different significance due to the difference in training approaches. The number of “suns” in a particular cell indicates the relative significance of a particular pillar in an HM. To provide cutting-edge training for DCs of MAESTRI we use a combination of academic and industrial nodes, allowing us to organize an excellent education programme in science, technology (PL1) and transferable skills (PL2) related to career mobility. The core element of PL3 will be the Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP) for DCs, which will outline research objectives and training activities.