• To investigate modifications of surface optical properties of MAEs caused by application of magnetic field.
  • To develop precise optical sensing methods for detection of magnetic-field-induced modification of shape and/or surface structure of objects fabricated from MAEs.
  • To design optical response-based feedback and manipulation mechanisms for control of soft robotic parts made from MAEs.

Expected Results:

  • Elucidation of relationship between materials’ structure and its surface magneto-optical properties. 
  • Assessment of suitability of optical methods to detect topographical reconfigurations and shape modifications on surfaces of MAE-based objects.
  • Design and demonstration of opto-electronic protocols for controlling such objects.

Principal Supervisor: 

Prof. Irena Drevenšek Olenik, University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia.


Assist. Prof. Natan Osterman, University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia.

Host Institution: 

University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia, the Ph.D. degree will be awarded by University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia.

Planned Secondments (total: 9 months):

  • Months 10-12 – Development of magnetic circuits at OTH. Supervisor: Prof. Mikhail Chamonine, Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH) Regensburg, Germany.
  • Months 22-24 at SSSA for designing integration of optical-feedback elements in soft robots; fabrication of robotic elements. Supervisor: Dr. Matteo Cianchetti, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA), Italy.
  • Months 30-32 – integration and testing of optical control mechanisms in real robotic devices at PRE (industrial experience). Supervisor: Dr. Francesco Clemente, Prensilia SRL (PRE), Italy.